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Shelter Options

Big Top Military Structures offers a variety of different shelter options to satisfy our customers individual needs. Below is a list of some of these options. Visit Big Top Manufacturing's main site to read more about our shelter options.

Standard Sizes
Choose from a wide selection of different sizes to add additional side clearance or to withstand heavy wind and snow loads.

There's the traditional 18 oz. PVC fabric that comes in a variety of colors and patterns. There's also the Nova-shield Flame Retardant Woven Polyolefin Fabric made exceptionally lightweight and durable. And much more!
Expensive concrete foundations are not required! We offer installation of shelters on dirt, wood pilings, or we can create a foundation with the use of metal beams. We have a foundation solution for all surfaces.

Cool, heat, or dehumidify the interior of your shelter with Big Top's air chillers, infra-red heaters, and dehumidification systems from Logis Tech.

Glass, metal, aluminum... we have doors available of all kinds of materials. These doors can be hinged, roll-up, or even winch operated.

Crane Liftable/ Wheels
Plan on relocating? How about purchasing a shelter that can be lifted with a crane to a new location, or a shelter that can easily be rolled to a new location using wheels and a rail mount system?

Light up your shelter with a full electrical system.

Lightning Protection
Protect your shelter from lightning with Big Top's Lightning Protection Kit.

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